Access Education ERP 10 for training when made redundant?


I am on furlough until it runs out and will then be made redundant.
I’m not allowed to turn on my work laptop and so can’t open epicor which is driving me mad as I could be doing so much self- training to help me get my next job!

Is it possible to get the demo/educational erp 10 environment on my own pc? I know how to do it normally but don’t have a license. I can’t even get going with a demo version of the crm app as it requires a work-looking email address, not Gmail or Hotmail etc.

I’ve contacted epicor in Bracknell but it has turned into answerphone tennis and gone a bit dead.

Any thoughts where I can turn to?

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This doesn’t answer your question, but if I were you, all my effort would be spent on finding a new job, not brushing up on a specific software package. Every company will have a different implementation of the software anyways.

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Thanks, I’m doing all I can but the market pretty quiet in the North West, and I’ve just finished a load of c# training I’d love to try out now I’ve done it x

c# and .NET development is ubiquitous and you can take that anywhere, which is great. Maybe try building out a project in Visual Studio? Little console application to practice and build a program to do something.

I have been doing, thanks Aaron. Wish I had the opportunity to do all this self-study whilst on the job, would have made the world of difference to me!

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