Access (link) System tables in an External BAQ

Am I missing something here? I cant seem to figure out how to bring in system tables in an External BAQ. I am trying to link system tables to an external table.

You can’t :slight_smile:

Work around is to add Views into the System Tables to your external DB

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That being the case - how do I access E10 system tables from my other db? I have limited rights to the system hosting E10 and wouldnt even know where to begin where to locate the tables etc. I assume the actual DB is going to be locked away in some folder on the host PC I dont have access to. For a normal company, I am sure this wouldn’t be a problem, for my company, if I cant find a backdoor I may as well give up.

Or is there some code trickery I can use from within a customization or bpm to ‘drive’ my external BAQ with a parameter?

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Hmm yeah there may be a trick or two… The other thing you can do is have a dashboard where you have your external data but it’s “driven” by an internal query and then filtered via publish and subscribe

When you say “E10 system tables” what are you referring to ? or which specific
info. are you looking for?

We use a system called Mattec (purchased by Epicor - supposedly, there is a system interface for this). Mattec has vital info like machine/mold cycles, cycle times, etc. We simply want to use the Erp.Part table to link ACTIVE parts of type M (Manufactured) to the relevant data of their molds (i…e the cycle times). Our current solution is to dump the parts out of a BAQ into excel and do some VLOOKUPs, which works, but is clunky.

Jose… dont tease me! I know very little about publish/subscribe, actually, all I’ve seen it used for is linking to a google search. I have created a dashboard based on BAQ but not an external one - I figure it’s all the same. Any tips on implementing an internal query on the BAQ/Dash. It’s a premature question since I haven’t even glanced at it yet in the system - but I figured I preempt my failure :slight_smile:

BTW Jose, I thought recognized your name - I’ve watched several of your videos in the past 3 months. I always had to check my volume to figure out where the dialog was :smile: Still very useful videos!

Yeah most of those videos were a response to a question here ( yahoo)
So no audio

I’ll have to reply in the morning. Too hard to explain on the phone

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@josecgomez.trigemco Friendly reminder, you were going to give me a few details or example of manipulating a tracker to filter an external BAQ using internal query :blush:

Yes! sorry been slammed I’ll try to get you something.

No worries brother, I completely understand. At your convenience!