Accessing WebServices inside of customization code

Thanks Jose and Mark for you replies. 


Mark, we decided to go this way because Vantage needs to communicate with our in-house software.  The problem is that an API was created to facilitate the communication and the API has some limitation.  One of them is that it cannot run on Windows 7.  Another problem is now that we are moving up to Epicor 9, all dlls need to be housed under the client directory.  So this was why we felt that wrapping the API into a Web Service is best.  This would allow us to leave the in-house API in one location and no longer deal with forcing a common folder under the client directory in Epicor.


Jose, Sorry that I cannot answer your question regarding the web service’s protocol.  Again we have someone in-house that will create the web service, so is there a specific protocol that Epicor requires?

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