Account Number Reset


Has anyone found a way to reset or reorganize the G/L accounts? We are running out of account numbers and do not know a way to reorganize them.



Another swag … there may be a “nuclear option” which is to create a new COA.
possibly MAP old COA to new COA - if necessssary
then change the MASTER to the NEW COA

there will be lots of work to flush and clear out active transactions.
in the end … it is possible, but not a small task

Oh, that is nuclear. AND I think our finance guy did a lot of work to change the descriptions to his liking. I could save them via BAQ and maybe DMT them back in after running the Rebuild Account Descriptions…

Thanks Alfred!

Mark W.

also note; if you are just hurting for a new batch of GL accounts to post against … like in a subgroup … it IS possible to add another optional segment to the COA, create segment values and POST against GL accounts with those segments on them …