Accounts Payable rounding setup

Currently we have to choose a header charge, “AP rounding” to enter the difference when an AP invoice is different than the corresponding Purchase Order which was received into the received goods account. The difference then posts to a Purchase Price Variance account.
Is there a setup we can do where the difference between the PO and the AP invoice would automatically post to the variance account?

Look at Company Configuration
Modules \ Finance \Accounts Payable

Set the accept rounding at Invoice entry and the tolerance amount amount.

An ADJ-PUR transaction should be automatically created when the Invoice price and the PO price differ. Checkout the “Epicor ERP - Inventory Transaction Hierarchy” guide. Here’s a snippet:

If I enter the AP invoice at the higher amount and then run an “AP edit list report” it shows the AP Clearing account being reduced by an amount higher than the value it was received in. This makes our Received Good Not Invoiced Report out of balance with the GL because you’ve took more out than what was put in. Right? Is it because I’m not posting the invoice yet that I don’t see the ADJ-PUR transaction?
I ran the WIP Recapture for an entire year and filtered on the ADJ-PUR and found very few of these transactions.

I believe the ADJ-PUR part transaction won’t be created until the AP Group is posted. And that ADJ-PUR won’t post to the GL until the Capture COS/WIP is run. But you should see it on the WIP Recon report (as unposted).

When the ADJ-PUR transaction is posted, it should be for the difference. Then the net GL trans (from th three GL accts - maybe 4) should balance to zero.

Thanks for your help!