ACH Payment Remittance

I have an E9 client who has had ACH Payment Remittance working up until the middle of this week.
Since it is E9, I have some assumptions that there should be a report that is [automatically?] printed to the APM printer and that is sent out via PDF to the Vendor’s AR person.
Auto print being a BAM, I looked and there is nothing there.
Side note: They use Office 365 and have turned on 2 factor authentication (possibly the culprit). However, we still need to understand the full process.

BAM is not needed for the APM setup. You need to check smtp settings in iis6 on APM server.

So how does APM know to send the remittance?

OCR. APM scans predefined location on the report for the emails.
…check the APM for the location

How does APM get it in the first place?

user clicks print and pricks apm report style

So there isn’t an automatic process in E9?

if its not in the BAM its manual

WE use APM for Remittances and AR invoices. APM is a printer set up in Epicor and server. The user selects this printer when printing anything that is used by APM. The routing etc for emailing and printing is done in the Doclink on the server. Our initial setup was done by Epicor.

Vinay Kamboj