Add a BPM to Customer Shipment but reject Expired Lots

Does anyone have a BPM for Customer Shipment that rejects Parts with Expired Lot numbers
Standard Epicor 10 allows shipment of expired lot numbers and I think a BPM could solve my issue

I dont have it, but if I were creating it, i would start with an In-Trans DATA BPM on the ShipDtl table. In the BPM, i would look for ADDED rows, or (Changed rows where Part# or Lot# were changed from any to any). Then if it added or changed, there would be an additional lookup of the part/lot for the expiration date, and if expired, throw an error.

The In-Tran DD would prevent you from adding an expired lot to a packer. But you’d also want a MD to check the lots when it is shipped.

Otherwise, someone could add items that “expire” tomorrow, to a packer today. But then not ship it until after tomorrow (after a lot has expired).

Make it check against the ship date, and not the system date. Other wise, if you had to un-ship and re-ship it for any reason (like correcting a ship to address, tax category, etc…), it might balk about trying to mark it as shipped, after the expiration date.

Very true… Where I used to work, we also didn’t allow inventory to stay in stock if it was within a few weeks of expiring… so we were proactive in removing expired material. This would actually be a better choice rather than trying to stop it from happening as you try to ship it.
In order to pull expired inventory, we created a report that showed all expired lots in stock. Then we would push this to MRB. Quality sometimes had the ability to extend expiration dates (after testing), and put it back to stock.

We did that at the meat market too
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well… we were simply extending the expiration on Magnet Wire and Epoxy AFTER TESTING to make sure they were still good. Meat? hmmm… let me thing… um… no thanks.


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