Add a checkbox in a messagebox for Configurator

Anyone know how or if it is possible to add a Checkbox to a in the Configurator. I only see an option to have three buttons?

There isn’t, but you could create a winforms type form and then use Show Dialog. Not a pattern that would transfer over to Kinetic super well. I suppose a fly out would function mostly the same.

Why not incorporate the checkbox on the page instead of using a messagebox?

The messagebox in the configurator is pretty much limited to telling the user something. You can use a text box with a check box next to it. Put message in text box and then user can check the checkbox to acknowledge it. Once they acknowledge it you can clear the text box.

I have tended to move away as much as possible from messagebox and use an editor box to list any issues a user has to address. If the editor box has something in it they can’t leave. This avoids the fly out from the side in Kinetic and user having to address it and then get back to what they are doing.