Add Bin Number to Ship Ticket

I am needing to add the Bin number to our Ship Ticket. Our report data definition is a copied OrderAck and I do not see Bin number anywhere in it. So, how do I add it in? What problems would this cause? Is there a different approach to look at?

Are you trying to tell the shipper which bin to pull from? Or to indicate which bin it was pulled from?

We want the shipper to know which bin the part is in. Then we will sort by that so anybody can know where everything is in order.

The Sales Order Pick List report has that


It will show all the bins that have a QOH.

Here’s the same report after i moved 2 from B0603 to B0601
(note it lists them in order by Bin num)

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If we have 10 bins a single part is located in, is it possible to limit how many bins are listed?
In the highlighted area you are showing 2 entries. In some cases, I am showing 10 entries. I would rather be able to choose the top 3 bins with the highest quantities to show. Do you know how to do that?

If that section of the report is a sub report you could modify the subreport’s query expression to only put the top 3 results.

Thank you @ckrusen, I appreciate it. I found that one yesterday after I posted my question, of course.