Add comments field to report quantity screen

I have been asked to add a comments field to the report quantities screen - we have a blanket job we book rework too, using a fictitious part - too hard to find real job/part, we have hundreds of jobs/hundreds of parts ongoing at any time - to capture an indicative cost. All works well but lose a bit of traceability.

In other screens/tables I would add a ud filed to the table and then create a text object bound to that field. However the bo’s that are available on the report quantity screen are Emp, LaborEquip, Lpart, RQ and selected serial numbers which are not real tables and I am starting to get confused as to how I can accomplish this if at all as I do only very basic modifications/customisations.

Effectively I want to store a comment and possibly also a defect code with the labour transaction - logically these would be in the labordtl ud table but I have no idea how to create the fields and do the bindings/linkage to the labour transaction using any of the available business objects.

Has anyone been required to do something similar and if so how did you do this?

I suggest you examine the data views available within the form (MES> Report Quantities. If you are planning to store your comments at the ops sequence level, then you may be able to create a foreign data view to the table JobOper. In this way, you can define your UD field on the JobOper table and bind to it.

What do you need that the built in fields don’t do?

Operators frequently don’t know have the route card, or even know what the part is when doing rework (this specific op is painting) and won’t use the work queue to fix it. Worked with internal QA team and too many cultural barriers to fixing it so as we can use rework functionality properly. Ultimately we just want capture an indicative rework cost for our paint process. Suggestion was to use quantity only so as no start and stop is required and can be done retrospectively.

Simplistically we have 3 fake rework jobs due in 31st December 2100 for a ridiculous quantity. Job 1 is for a small part, job 2 a medium sized part, job 3 for a large part. Each has a fixed cost for reworking the part - small cost £1, medium £10, large £50. Really simple instruction for the operator if you are doing 10 small parts, clock to job 1 and report 10.

However I have been asked if we can to stick a comments box on there so as we can get the why and the what in really simple terms - might be big yellow tank for customer x had watermarks.

I know that we should “fix the process” so as we report rework against the correct job/assembly but it is not going to happen.

I’ll have a look at quantity only using start and stop activity.

Just use the dummy job to clock in and out of. Isn’t that why you made the dummy job?

How are they reporting the quantity? Not MES?

Also, I think that the report quantity button only holds the number until someone actually finishes the operation. You should do some testing with that. We don’t use it for that reason.

Did you consider using the MES> Work Queue screen. Its has a built-in Job Comments field which you can also view/update from the Job Entry screen. This comment field is stored at the Job Header level.

He’s not using the real job, and he isn’t putting comments that go to the shop floor, They are coming back from the shop floor.

RQ I believe is the EpiDataView setup for Reporting Quantitiy. Look to see where your production qty field is bound to - I bet its’ RQ.ProdQty or similar. If so, see if there isn’t a relevant field within that view to use.

Operation completion can happen right away if the shop employee record | Production Info | Report Quantity | Override Job field is checked on the employee record. Type job, assembly and op and the quantity and the material will backflush real time and operation will complete.

Not checking this box effectively sees report quantity require start production activity, report quantity and then end production activity. Checking the box means that report quantity does all three. Works even if only some of the required quantity is completed.

I’ll do some digging and see if I can make reference to this epi view.

We are using the mes - when I refer to a dummy job, this is within Epicor - it has a job number but is for manufactured part rework paint - is scheduled out to the year 2100 and has a ridiculous quantity. It is a dummy job in that we exclude form any production planning and schedules, it is not a real part and has no materials.

Interesting. I did some testing. One more thing to add is, you can’t be clocked into that job and assembly sequence if you want it all to happen at once. You can be clocked into something else and it works, but if you are clocked into that asm and op sequence, it just basically keeps count.

Also, if you are clocked into indirect, the report qty screen doesn’t work at all. (we went to support on that one and they gave us a cross eyed look and said “well of course it doesn’t work that way” needless to say, that went nowhere)

But back your original question, that doesn’t really fix your issue of getting notes into the report qty screen. Of which I am no help other than the previous workaround of starting and ending activity in separate screens where there is a notes and the a reason code.

Having been distracted by other things I finally got back onto this - thinking about it based on the responses I achieved this via very straightforward means in the end. Added a text field to the report quantity screen - linked it to a bpmcontext character field - put a bit of error proofing on the reportqty method directive and updated the labordtl.labornote field via the labor detail in transaction data directive.

Thanks for all the input.