Add GlbCustCred table to OrderAck DD

Hi Guys,
I am trying to add the GlbCustCred table on to the OrderAck. I have done the following.

  1. Add the table to the Data sources
  2. Created a report relationship between orderhed and GlbCustCred on COmpany and Custnum and Set the PK as PK_OrderHed
  3. Set the relation type to definition only.

After i run the report i have a look at the ssrs tables it has created the glbcustcred table in the reporting database for the report guid but the table is empty. The rest of the report runs fine.

Does anyone have any tricks on working out the issues with reports?

Are the fields you need available through Linked Tables?

Hi Brian,
Thanks but unfotunatly not - i am after the current credit amount given to the customer which is stored in GlbCustCred.
I thought you might be on to something with the Global* fields but they just hold the credit limit settings for the customer.