Add History grids to Customer and Supplier Trackers

Besides showing just the Customer or Supplier settings, have a few tabs to show related info. A simple Grid withs basic historical info for each


  • Orders - Order Num, Date, Total, Open/Closed, etc…
  • Shipments - PackNum, ShipDate, OrderNum, Status, Invoiced, etc


  • PO’s - PO Num, Order Date, Status, PO Total, etc…
  • Reciepts - PO Num, Pack Slip, Recipt Date, Invoiced, etc…

I think most of that is there, except receipts for some reason.

POs are hidden, under “Links” in Suppler Tracker.

Feature Request withdrawn…


It’s all good.

The supplier one sure could be improved, though. Links? What is that? It’s like “Related” on the Project Tracker.