Add Interval BAQ?



I am trying to write a calculated display field on a BAQ. Does anyone have a way of adding a date field within Epicor with static integer field?
Example - I am wanting to add PO Due Date with the receive time field to show that the material will be available on X date.

I am not sure if the add interval field is capable of completing this task or if this is my error in the the formula.

Can you post your expression and the error message? It should work.

Like @Mark_Wonsil said, we need a bit more info. However, this should be entirely possible. I think you will be looking at using the dateadd function. Dateadd is pretty flexible and can handle a wide variety of data.
Good luck!

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DateAdd() will do what you want (I think)


as @Banderson suggested, the DataAdd() feature should do the trick. You create a calculated field and use this against the date in question to get the date you need. Just remember that DateAdd will not take into account weekends. :wink: