Add multiple linked parts and revs for resource

We have some resources/equipment that is used to created multiple different parts for different customers, so we need to add 2+ parts for a resource. Is there a way to do this?

Also, is there a way to add what revision a part is using in resources or equipment? I want to create an SRSS report that prints out the resource, part number, and revision but I am not seeing a place to put part revision anywhere.

We don’t use this functionality, so, I’m going off of memory from our implementation discussions… and I may not be remembering correctly or have a full understanding… I thought the “Linked Part” was if your RESOURCE itself had a part number.

For example, a gauge or gig or a casting pattern, etc.

Basically, you would then add that “resource” to a method because in order to produce a specific part, you require that “resource” (gauge, gig, pattern). This allows for the availability of that “resource” to be taken into account with job scheduling.

So, again, my understanding isn’t that you link the part number of the part you’re creating WITH the resource… this “Linked Part” is the part number of the Resource itself.

But again… we don’t use this functionality, so, I could be way off base.

The material table on the job allows you to add information that is not parts being consumed by the job.
Adding a part that is an instrument or work procedure with a quantity of zero can work out well.
Link the material to the related operation that it refers directly to