Add Part Number to Time and Expense Approval


For reasons unknown the obvious (part number) field is missing from time and expense approval, all that’s given is the job number. When our production supervisors look at the transactions it would be immensely helpful to see the product being worked on without having to look elsewhere to cross-reference.

I’m hoping there’s a way to add it to the list view (the column list) without using a BPM.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!

I believe partnum is in the labordtl view. You would have to do a UI customization, drop a text box in and bind it to that, but that being said, zero coding needed. If for some reason it isn’t populating you could bring JobHead in as a child table/foreign key view and do the same thing…

This is awesome, thank you Rob.

Once I have the text box in place, can I get it into the list view as well? That’s the trouble I’m having, I’ve created a foreign key view to the jobhead table but nothing from that table populates in the list option.

Thanks again