Add part(s) to cycle counts

Our inventory personnel run cycle counts that are typically started and finished in the same day (70- 100 parts counted per day). In addition to this, they correct quantities throughout the day for various parts that are found discrepant for any reason. They would like to “get credit” for the parts they are counting outside the cycle. By this they mean they do not want to have to count these parts again in future cycle count.

We tried adding a part to a started cycle count which the system doesn’t allow.
Are the any alternatives that would allow this activity to happen in a manner where the part counts towards being counted via the cycle count program(s)?

Thank you, Bruce B.

Bruce, why don’t they/you make a cycle count for the parts that they are “correcting”?

I am confused what you mean by, “found discrepant for any reason.” What do you mean?

Are they randomly counting in their spare time and then they find counts that are off/inaccurate? Is that what “found discrepant” means?

Hi Taylor,
Thank you for responding.
Interesting idea for creating new counts for items they are correcting for the day. We can explore this.

“Found discrepant for any reason” simply means there was a quantity issue discovered.

Most of our inventory locations are on the floor where people are building (aka point of use). Assemblers will often report quantity discrepancies to stockroom personnel who will verify and make adjustments as necessary.

The idea is ugly though in reality.

Are you using ABC codes?

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