Add planned scrap quantity to PO release quantity

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in our company we have parts that we order from a supplier, test in the inspection module, put to stock and then sell to our customer. The test we run is a destructive test per incoming receipt.

Is there a way to add a fixed quantity to the PO release quantity to the actual demand, so we will end up with the demand quantity in stock? So if the sales demand is 1,000 units, our purchasers should get a suggestion to order 1,001 units, so we can test and scrap one unit and put 1,000 units to stock.

We know that we can do this for manufactured parts and that we could add a planned scrap quantity in an operation. But these parts should not get processed in jobs to keep the process short.

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You would also do this on the MOM, but instead of the operation, you would add a scrap quantity of 1 on the material. This way you will always get one more when demand is generated.


Hi John,

we don’t want to use a MoM here, as this would require two parts to use (one to purchase from our supplier, and one to build using the MoM). We did this in the past but our team wants to move away from that and only use one part number that they want to move to inspection after Receipt Entry.

Understood. What is driving the demand for these parts then?

These parts are sales parts. So we get customer orders that create demand in our sales warehouse. We have set up the parts to have a revision and set all recepts from the supplier to require inspection. MRP is running, purchasing the parts, and after Receipt Entry they automatically will go to inspection. Our manufacturing teams inspects them using instruction maintained outside Epicor. As said, testing will include some quantity to be destroyed, so after testing they cannot receive the initially ordered (and demanded) quantity to stock

Either, we create the two-parts solution (which could take the customer demand, add the parts to be destroyed in the MoMs, then tell purchasing to order the demand + the sample quantity).

Or our purchasers add this sample qty manually, but I doubt they’d be happy to do this (and might forget as well).

So it there another solution to automate this?

thanks for the explanation. I do not think there is any functionality out of the box to do what you want. But this can be handled with a BPM.

I would add a boolean field to Part Maintenance that identifies these parts. Then use a data directive to add a quantity of 1 to any part that has that field set to true.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks John! We’ll brute about this. Our business usually wants to use Epicor out-of-the-box as much as possible, so I let our team gather information about the actual impact this has, before adding UD fields and BPMs.

Another point that we might have to consider is how PO Suggestions acts on this. We’d have to test whether we might get suggestions to reduce PO releases then all the time. So the first law of thermodynamics is apparently valid for this kind of system as well :smiley: