Add Serial number to the job traveler

I need to add the serial number to our job traveler.
I’m pretty new to adding new fields. I have added the serial no to the RDD, but can’t seem to find the field.
Any help is appreciated.

You need to update the reports Query. Many examples on here.

Hi Jennifer,

We are still using Crystal for our traveler, but I think the RDD edit would probably be the same as we have. Add the SerialNo table to the RDD and tie it to the JobHead with a link to JobNum. Note, you will get multiple serial numbers for jobs with SN tracking and qty > 1. To handle reporting on the serial numbers and not get duplicate records in job traveler report, we used a subreport to note the serial numbers, in the job header data.


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Thanks Calvin. Would I just search Update report query?

HI Nancy,

Thanks for this. I’ve tried this, but I can’t figure out why i can’t find the field in the Report Datasets…

I get so close then nothing.

Try following:

Perfect, thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

I think I am getting closer! I’m really interested in learning about this, but am finding it difficult to find resources that explain what is what and how it works. Any suggestions for that?

You’re currently on the best resource for this stuff. And the best teacher is experience.

Occasionally the E10 help (in the client program) can point you in the right direction. But often it’s out dated, (may have applied to an earlier version). That can drive you nuts as you’re doing exactly as they current documentation says, but it’s not working.

“You gain wisdom from experience, and experience from mistakes. So if you want to be very wise, expect to make lots of mistakes.”


here is a link I bookmarked (require and Epicor account)

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So you’re saying it is just like anything else Epicor related! LOL. I get it. I have made many mistakes and fixed many.

Thanks so much for wise words!

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