Add Table In SSRS

Hi Guys, I’m trying to modify the standard report from epicor as my boss wants to BinNum in that report, need your help and guidance.

You May refer below image :

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Dude, the stock status is a no go zone. Best of luck.

I would start with a PartBin dashboard to get the correct quantities, then move to costing. The costing I have never been able to totally solve since it is very complex and the more costing methods you use the harder it gets.

Once you have a dashboard you like then make it a report.

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@gpayne oh really? cause It’s a bit of hassle if I wanted to create a new report just for the bin number, any other way then create a BAQ report?

@Ziqqie_ringstorm You can search the forum for stock status and see what other people have done to get close to that report. I do not know of a way to get the bins in there.

I can second what @gpayne is saying. If you look at the RDD for the report, all of the data and calculations are hidden. The only way you could see what Epicor is doing would be if you had the SDK.

Maybe the bin is already in the dataset. I can’t check as I am SaaS, but maybe someone could. Since you cannot see what Epicor is doing, the only way to find out what is in the RDD is to run the report with a retention of a day and then query the SSRS database with the GUID to see what fields are available.


Perhaps there is only a subset of information that your boss actually wants. Talk with them about the report and describe the difficulty in modifying or adding to that particular report. It may be that they only need some of the fields along with the bin number. That would make building up your own report a lot easier.


hey @NateS well, I’ve checked with my consultant and yeah it’s impossible to add in the BinNum data set, oh well but the best way is to do an BAQ. Anyways, thank you guys for your help.