Add UD field in General Ledger Report Error

Hi All,

I add an UD field to allow user key additional remark in Payment Header.
But I fail to display it on General Ledger Report.
Epicor System monitor error show as below.

If I delete CheckHed in Report Data Definition → Data Source, then GL report able to preview as normal. Is it any possible to display ud file in gl report?
data definition relationship : tranglc.key1 = checkhed.headnum

Key1 datatype is varchar and headnum datatype is int.
Try to make relationship in Dataset of RDL directly, by converting checkhed.headnum to varchar.

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looks like the relationship from TranGLC to CheckHed isn’t quite right. In TranGLC there is a RelatedTo column, have you filtered that column for “CheckHed” in the report data definition?

The errors says it tried to convert CIMB0102 to an integer and failed. All checkhed entrries in TranGLC should have integers in the Key1 column and for some reason you have got a string that is why i suspect the relationship from TranGLC to CheckHed in the report data definition is not quite right.


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dear fakhruddin,
in order to direct link RDL dataset, is it need to build data source in sql server first?

Add tables in the report current RDD only and Modify the existing Dataset in the RDL file with required joins.
No need for a new Datasource.

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