Added a new Company, Invoice reports are not available


We added a new company. When I access this new company, I go to the ReportStyles for the ARForm, and I see all the 4 styles we have with our original company.

but when I go to actually print an invoice, all I see is Standard - SSRS report. Not the others, even though I see them in report styles !
Those extra 3 are Crystal reports … could that be the reason?
Maybe I am missing some configuration somewhere?

Can anyone enlight me ?
Thank you…


Company Maintenance?

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Click the tab next to Detail that reads Companies / Images. There you can set which companies have access to the style.

Thank you for the responses…
Maybe non related… but when I did make those changes…I went to my current company (not the new one) opened a Invoice in Invoice tracker, and got the following error:
Which could translate as Installation of the Epicor Crystal runtime is invalid…

Only the customer invoice uses Crystal…as we fould it too much work to modify as ssrs If I recall…

Could my changes do this ?
Where is this runtime installed?
What version should it be for my Epicor version (10.2.600.9)?


Try to install it below.