Adding a BAQ report to a process set - exception error - 10.2.400.8

I am tryting to add a BAQ report to a process set and it generates an exception error in the server event log, which to summarise contains the following message:

“System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: String or binary data would be truncated.”

I have tried to add other BAQ reports and get the same error.

I have tried adding breakling and routing to the BAQ report and get the same error

I have tried regular epicor system reports and have succeeded in adding them.

I can add BAQ reports as regular scheduled tasks.

Has anyone else experienced this with BAQ reports??


I’ve seen this several times before myself, and it appears to have something to do with either the BAQ report description or the process set description. A possible resolution is making either or both descriptions a single character, and then saving it.

Thank you, Matthew.

That’s the issue! The BAQ report description length

@timshuwy @Chris_Conn @josecgomez If I may bring you in this discussion as well, is this matter with the report description throwing an error with the Process Set a known issue in Epicor?

I have a support case raised with Epicor as well. Let’s see what they say…

I am not certain that this is a known issue, but it is definitely NOT the desired result and should be reported as a bug. This is not an “enhancement request”.

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The response I have got is; upgrade to 10.2.400.40 - this will probably fix it!

Also apparently BAQ reports are being deprecated in favour of a new custom RDD approach.

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We had a similar question the other day, and I researched with Development. They said that BAQ Reports are not being phased out.

Apparently there is an open problem: PRB0218012

Just FYI, this is apparently still not fixed as of v10.2.700.36.