Adding a "Print" Button to a Custom Dashboard


I need to create the ability to print a report from a dashboard. Is there any way to do this with an “Auto Print” BPM or do I have to code a button on the dashboard?


You used to be able to add reports right into a dashboard, and the ability to print would be right on the actions menu. I think you still can, but are limited to Crystal Reports, no SSRS reports.


Details are in the “Epicor ICE 3.1 Tools User Guide”

yeah it can still be done, unfortunately my report is an SSRS report…boo :frowning:

You can do it with an autoprint (checking a bool field) but you’d still require a bit of code to set the field and save (and add to menu if desired).

I may suggest you could use a UD form, and incorporate your dashboard into it. Add a button which would launch your report. Do a trace to find out how your report is generated and mimic same in code.
I did that with a list of jobs where the user would print the job travelers in batch, by choosing which ones to print from the list.

But…same as Chris sugestion…it involves coding …


Thanks for the reply, Chris. Where would I need to add the code to set the field, the BPM?

Hi Pierre,

Thank you for this. I’m in the process of trying this option. I was also going to try and use a context menu option to get the BAQ Report to print. This is doable, but I’ve yet to figure out how to pass the current Job Number so it brings up the print preview without having to retype in the Job Number.

There are several ways to skin this cat. I was envisioning a funky, but easy(ish) way.

So we can use a data directive to easily auto print a directive. In order to do this, we need to be writing a record to somewhere. You could use a UD table to write a record just for controlling this mechanism (you could also have it immediately delete the record after).

For example, if you were to use UD01, you would create a data directive to trigger auto print off a new record being created. On your form, you’d create a button that creates a new record in UD01 (this is where youd need code as you’d need to use a UD01 adapter to create a new record (you can have it automatically delete in the directive). I assume you would need to pass in some params (filters, etc) into that record that you would need to map to your report params. If you are not familiar with adapters, this will be a little tough.

If I were doing it, I would just use code to generate the report, but that would be even more confusing to you than just working with an adapter to create a record I think.

@Chris_Conn Is a custom button still the only way to call an SSRS report from a dashboard in 10.2.400?

No you can generate a report right on a dashboard. I’ve never used it, but it’s there.