Adding a String to a new Function in GL Transaction Type Maintenance


I am trying to make some sense out of the “Periodic Posting Process” transaction by modifying the posting rule. I have found a few ways to do it, and settled on one to try. I have figured out how to work the Function Text editor, but I am stuck at how combine the TranType with String1. Ultimately there are a six more Strings to add.

This is the line I need to add:
Result=COSAndWIP–PartTran–Details–TranType + String1

I selected “Result” from “Operation”. The Selected the “A=B” option where I used A to Browse ABT to complete the “COSAndWIP–PartTran–Details–TranType” part, and changed the sign to “+”. That’s where I am stuck.

Does anyone know how to enter the String1 value? I don’t think it is “Value”?



So you want the Periodic Posting Process entries (which are summaries of many tran types), to be broken out by Tran type?

So that what used to appear as

Account      Description                Debit     Credit
1151-00-01   Periodic Posting Process   0.00    1,234.56

Now shows as

Account      Description                Debit     Credit
1151-00-01   PerPostProc - STK-MTL      0.00    1,000.00
1151-00-01   PerPostProc - STK-CUS      0.00      234.56

that what you want?

Exactly; maybe with some more detail depending on tran type…

The posting engine already has individual rules for the various Tran types:

I’m not sure of at what layer these are all combined for the summary “PPP” entry.

Kind of awkward the in the 972 pages of the Posting Engine Tech Ref, the phrase “Periodic posting” only appears once.

Agreed; it is typical of how under-represented the GL is when it comes to documentation and knowledge. I think in general the Epicor GL is one of the better ones out there in features, but what good are they if it is hard to get at? Just the value that can be added to our accounting with Dynamic GL segments etc… So much more to do, with so little documentation…


I’m new here and obviously don’t know how to upload a file. send me a message if you want me to send you a PDF that contains a couple of pages from a workshop at Insights 2018. I was able to use it to modify my COS/WIP postings from Periodic Posting Process

PM sent…

Trying to copy this option now… I get stuck at the 2nd line where you need to refer to TranType… I don’t seem to have this? Is TranType something I need to add before I can try this? Or is my 10.1.500.45 hopelessly old?



What did you do to get that result?

I haven’t found a way of sticking multiple things together within Posting Rules except by doing it somewhere else and calling in via a BAQ, so I’ll be very interested if there is a better way.

What’s the end goal here? Sometimes another approach can get you somewhere faster (not that I can promise I’ll know it).

I just checked 10.2.XXX in our sandbox, and I don’t get PartTran as an option either; I can only ABT browse COSAndWip. That rules out the Rev that we are on…

Support told me to CSG off out of their queue, which seems a bit overkill for a question like this.

I will probably do a BAQ to give our CFO some immediate relief, but I would love to figure out why I can’t seem to get PartTran TranType details, while it does appear to be used in the Transaction Type elsewhere…

OK; so I looked at the Header Rule in List view, and noticed that the “For Each Criteria” just had “COSAndWIP” only. All the other rules either had “COSAndWIP–PartTran” or “COSAndWIP-- Labor” entered.

I was able to edit the Header Rule’s entry to “COSAndWIP–PartTran” and now I am able to get “PartTran–TranType” as an ABT Field path.

I am not sure if I should be changing these values here, as there is no documentation; if anyone has any wisdom here let me know. For now I am just going to complete the coding and see where it blows up…

Was able to only partially complete the edited header rule. I also need to figure out how to bring in the Labor Details, as it seems to be an either one or the other option. Also; I am not able to grab Part# or Vendor ID…

When Activating the rule to test as is, I am getting a compilation error as well…

If you’re referring to:

That wasn’t output of the GL report. I just manually typed in the post, to see if that’s what your goal is.

Sorry if I got your hopes up…

If you can’t create independent “PPP” trans for specific trantypes, you can always enter the Journal type, Journal number and Line into WIP Recon, to get the trans actions that created it.

A BAQ of TranGLC can get you the same thing (more flexible, but more work)