Adding a table to a duplicated data definition and bringing it through to crystal report

Hi, we are using epicor 9.05.700

I have a duplicated data definition for a pack slip crystal report…i am trying to add the table CUSTCNT…the relationships are COMPANY, CUSTNUM, SHIPTONUM and then CONNUM goes with SHPCONNUM…(Note, this generates data perfectly in a BAQ).

I create a new XML file and then when i bring the table through into crystal report writer, it returns blanks for that entire table…(i have checked this packslip and it should create data). I also make the joins an outer join in crystal (which they should be).

Does a BAQ drive the definition that i need to update maybe?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Sorry, the 2 tables i’m joining are:PARENT TABLE: SHIPDTLCHILD: CUSTCNT

When everything turns blank in crystal that means that your tables are joining to a null value on a INNER JOIN. Consider checking your joins. Do you see the new data in the XML?

Hi, i was only able to turn the joins for that connection in crystal to LEFT JOINS…the OUTER JOINS was not highlighted.
The new data is not seen in the XML text.

Ok if the new data is not in the XML that means your joins in the RDD aren’t functioning properly. Did you set the relationship as output?

Definition only won’t do it, you need to change the relationship type to Output… otherwise there will be now data in your XML.


ok, thank you, - i’ll give it a go

Hi, the data now appears in the XML…!! Thank you.
So i guess - just now load the new XML into crystal?
Is there anything else?
Many thanks so much for your help.

Make sure you also update the table links in Database Expert in Crystal. Since you added a new table you will need to bring the new table into the Report Data Set so you can add needed fields to your report.

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Right load the new XML on Crytal, Refresh the Data Definition, Drag in the new table establish joins and that’s all she said

hi guys, thank you for your help

Here is where i am…now in crystal, i can right click on the field in the new table and “browse data”…it sees the data.
But when i drag the field onto the report it just shows blank.
Haven’t seen this before.



Again this is your join, the join between your new table and the existing Crystal Stuff is not right. What does that join look like?

so, joins are “left outer” from Shipdtl to custcnt…i can’t select full outer as its greyed out.

What fields are mapped?

Don’t use the Report Langauge Field that one causes issues… Just Company, Custnum and ConNum

yep! that did it!!!
thank you so much for your help!

Merry christmas…i’m happy now…and built a bit of knowledge base!

thanks again

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