Adding a watermark in DocStar ECM

Hello there - does anyone know if it’s possible to add a watermark when an image or PDF is printed in DocStar ECM? If so, could you please explain how to carry this out?


I’ll defer to the experts who might respond after me. I’m skeptical that your requirement can be met within DocStar ECM, but here are a few thoughts:

  • I’m making the assumption that your watermark can be applied to a document in ECM via a stamp.

  • I’m interpreting your question to mean, when a user prints a document in ECM “manually” via Actions > Print, you want that watermark stamp automatically (systematically) without any user action / intervention.

  • I believe ECM only added Workflow functionality about a year ago to add a stamp to a document automatically (systematically) via a Workflow step / action / task. If your document printing were somehow part of your ECM Workflow, then a potential solution would be to have the Workflow add the watermark stamp just after the Printing step / action / task.

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Hi Eric,
Thanks so much for your quick reply :star_struck:
My new workplace is the early stages of implementing Epicor Kinetic and I’ve been asked to find out if DocStar has this functionality. Hopefully our Epicor PM can confirm whether this is possible as we bought DocStar in Dec 2021.