Adding Child UD Table to Security Group table


We are on 9.04.506C and I am trying to add a UD table as a child of the Security Group table. This is my first exposure to UD tables... I used the Customization Wizard called Add User Defined Table As Child to relate UD01. However, when I did that it didn't add anything to the New menu for adding new records to the UD01 table. I closed completely out of Epicor and went back in multiple times but nothing ever showed up. I thought that I had possibly related the wrong fields so I decided to create another relationship to a different UD table. Once I had done that, both UD tables were added as options to the New menu. However, clicking New never did anything.

Is this a bug, or am I missing a step?

Could someone send me a procedure for relating a UD table to a standard table?

Also, is it possible to relate a UD table in such a way that I can get a many-to-many relationship?