Adding Customization to MES for all users

I created a customization in MES, and I cannot get it to open unless I am in developer mode. How do I set it so that it opens for all users?

*I created a menu item under process found the “Erp.Menu.Mes.dll” program, and set the customization to the one I created. It is enabled.
*I went to process calling maintenance and put “Erp.Menu.Mes.MESMenu” for Called Process Reference, left “called from” blank, and selected the menu I previously created.
*I went in to the sys config file on the sql server and added in the name of the menu item I created to "MESCustomMenuID = “My menu item name”.

Still nothing is working. What am I doing wrong??? Thanks everyone

Woof. Nevermind… Found my issue…I was updating the sysconfig file on the server ( I figured it was pulling from this). I upadted the sysconfig file on my local pc, and it worked. Sorry for the trouble everyone.

I ran into the same issue. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect that
global settings should be pulled from the server config. I have a hard time
understanding it’s purpose on the server since it is required in both

Yeah, doesn’t make a lot of sense. I figured for a multi-user environment, it would pull the settings from a central location. That way you could change it once across the board for all users. Instead we have to create a batch file to replace all the sysconfig files on the local computers with the modified one. Lame, oh well!

We have 3 different MES menu customizations. The customization used at the workstation is controlled by the sysconfig file on the workstation…

Yeah, I suppose I see that benefit as well, that each MES Station can have it’s own customization. Just kind of a pain at first to set it up on all the computers.