Adding fields to an Email Template

I would think this would be an easy thing to find, but I’ve been proven wrong. I’ve created an email template to be used with an E-Invoice process. I’ve followed the Epicor instructions exactly as listed, which works, however, the body of the email template begins with Dear [Customer_Contact_Name], which came directly from the documented example. The [Customer_Contact_Name] cant be the correct variable name because it doesn’t populate correctly when executed. It displays exactly as coded.

Where can I find the list of available fields that i can put into my email template or the proper syntax to be used?

@Kflora If you right click is there insert field in that template?

No. I’m in the E-mail Template Maintenance form.

Wow I just went to help and to EpicCare and they both have the same example and none of it has anywhere near the functionality of APR emailing. Given your field is exactly from the example I would look at the other config locations and call support.

This is the KB I found

lol … ok, thanks. I don’t feel so stupid now.

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