Adding HeatNumber and ExpirationDate to RcvLabel getting error when saving RDL

So i have duplicated the Data Definition, and added the PartLot table to get the HeatNumber and ExpirationDate. I’ve also remembered to make sure the fields are not excluded from the report.
They show up and im able to add to my form, but i get this error when saving.
Can anyone give some ideas? Thank you!! :slight_smile:

I don’t see any relationships between partLot and RcvDtl. And make sure to un-exclude any fields in the PartLot table that are used in the relationships.

And the fields from the PartLot table will be added to the “RcvDtl” temp table used by the RDL. So no need to add the dataset in the RDL. Just update the Query for dataset RcvDtl in the RDL, and add the query fields too.

Notice how the native RDD has tables: Company, PartCOO, and RcvDtl. But the RDL has datasets for: RptLabels, RcvDtl, and RptParameter.

Typically, the RDD does some “magic” and combines info from all the tables in the RDD into a single temp table (RcvDtl_GUID in this case). Occasionally the RDD will create several temp tables, usually when they are needed for subreports.

Don’t get fooled by the Dataset named in the RDL matching the Table name in the RDD, it’s often a “coincidence”.


Awesome, I’ll make sure to create a relationship. Is there a good way to know what fields i should link up together to create a relationship between partLot and RcvDtl? Is there a certain amount of field relationships i need?

Actually, if you just make the relationship and save it, it will automatically make the relationship fields.
After filing the upper section of the Relationships -> Detail tab, I hit save, and the lower part is automatically populated.


Full Disclosure - We don’t use Part Lots, so the way PartLot and RcvDtl work together might be more complicated than I’m guessing.

Awesome, that worked perfectly for me too!
So i saved, do i just go back, Sync the dataset and i should be good?

NEVER use the Sync the Dataset button on the Report Style form!!!

Thats right! Wish it just wasn’t there…