Adding New Application Server

I am provisioning a new environment on a server that currently has another environment running.
The running environment is on 10.1.500.11, while I am provisioning a new environment to run on 10.2.x.
I was able to perform the install and create database steps, but I am running into a snag when trying to add a new application server.
The existing Epicor server uses the fully qualified domain name, so it is unlike the previous post regarding this topic located here: Unable to add new application server - #2 by danbedwards - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum


When I go into the Epicor server and select Add Application Server, I get the snap in version dialog and am prompted to select which version I want.
After clicking the version and selecting OK, I get this dialog that states “That action is only available when the Admin Console is running on the server”.

I am performing this process on the application server itself, so I am not sure what to make of this.
I am surely doing something wrong, so any guidance is appreciated, thank you

Update: I changed from the FQDN to a different name, and I assigned a SSL Cert to the the one that exists on the IIS certificate area for this machine.

The cert is valid and I am able to ping the server with zero issues.


In IIS, I located the Default Web Site.
I right clicked and selected Bindings…
From there, I selected the HTTPS binding and double clicked to edit.
In the Host Name field, I put a * and in the SSL drop down, I selected the SSL Cert issued by this machine.

After that, I was able to provison the new server.

Moral of story, read carefully :slight_smile: