Adding printer usage options

Hi all,

Is there any way to add options to the drop down list for printer usage when setting up a workstation? I currently only see two options (report / label), but need a third. Epicor customer support has been unable to tell me how to do this and referred me to a consulting service. I was hoping maybe someone here knows how to do it.

Your help is appreciated, thank you!

What exactly do you mean?

Are you trying tho limit the reports that can be run by this workstation?

Use a printer connected to this workstation?

That is a fairly hard-coded/embedded feature. What is the ultimate goal?

I am trying to add a third printer to a given workstation with an alternate usage option so it does not interfere with our existing external code that is called. Right now the only used values are “R” (report) and “L” (label), but we want a third value for another form that can be printed to an alternate printer.

Edited to add: Our external code has a requirement that any given workstation can only have one (1) report printer and one (1) label printer assigned. If we add a third usage type, it can be used by other functionality.

To further explain our end-goal - we have 3 possible items that can be printed from this workstation - a box label (uses the “L” printer), a report (uses the “R” printer) and a shipping label (which would use the third printer that is always loaded with the correct label stock - that being 4" x 6". The problem is, one of the label printers gets the stock swapped out fairly regularly, so printing a 4x6 label to the label printer may not always work (if it has 4x3 loaded). FYI - the shipping label functionality is tied to a custom button on the form, and should always print to the 4x6 label printer which would be assigned to the third useage option.

You could just add a UD field to the Workstation - that would be where you store the shipping label printer name.

Thank you markdamen - I’ll look into that. Sounds a whole lot easier than modifying an embedded feature.

One thing I did notice in the data dictionary though - it states that valid values are “Form”, “Report” and “Label”, however all I see is “Report” and “Label”.

Appreciate your help once again. :slight_smile: