Adding Process Call to Solution Manager

How do I add a Process Call modification for MES to a solution file? What type of object is it?

Try this, though I’ve never used it

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I’ll give it a whirl, thanks

LMK if it works

I was looking for process calls like to link default MES buttons to other screens. This only gave me context menus.

Looks the ticket is:

Did you have a problem using ContextMenuAdapter, by clicking Add to Solution it never gets added to the Solution?

Looking for a way to Export a Custom Context Menu or even any Context Menu. cc @Chris_Conn @josecgomez

Yes! Just tried it in 10.1.600 - no workey. Other user defined items (like GenXData) do work though. Booooo!

Dang it! Need a way to export it =) I also did a Global Search through SQL, couldnt find my description anywhere - could be tucked away in a base64 encoded type string. Time to ping the master @Bart_Elia to ask of another way to export or the table name so I can do a SQL Script for “Context Menu”

Chunked indeed -
FormFunctions.SaveXmlDocument(base.sender, xDoc, “CustomContextMenu”, str, allUsers, out filePath);
FormFunctions.ChunkNSaveStringByID(base.sender,, this.product, typeCode, “CustomContextMenu”, userId, string.Empty, “Custom Context Menu”, newBuildVersion, false, xDoc.InnerXml);


Looks like it and its bundled in with other fields from Quick Search as well…

Now the question is how can I export this properly =), might have to just re-create it in all Company’s

Another weird thing that I have 7 Companys and it only exists in 1… If i use Context Menu Maintenance in any other Company I can’t find it (it wants to create a new one). In the decoded Chunk it also only exists in 1 out of 7… yet all my BAQ Reports that use that Context Menu for Filter, work fine regardless of company (odd - maybe cache)

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What sweet app u using for your base64 decoding there?

Just any online decoder. For this one I used which gave me a decoded file and I just renamed it to decoded.xml and open it up in XML Notepad

Ah same here - decode online then view xml. I thought you had a fancy decoder/viewer combo :smiley: Perhaps theres a market for one.