Adding the Need By Date to the Make to Order table in Job Tracker

has anyone had any luck making the Need By Date from the Sales Order show up in Job Tracker? I cant think of another way of getting the field to show up without adding it to the “Make to Order” table. Any help is appreciated

You can Just use a foreign key view to bring in the related order / order rel record

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If you are totally MTO then FKV is the way to go. It will be harder for MTS jobs if you do those.

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Why would it be harder for MTS if I use Foreign key view?

Thanks, ill try that

MTS is a job and a date. You would have to find the following release(s) that would consume that job’s quantity. It is not a one to one relationship.

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The FKV works great, now I just got to find a way to bring in the Need By in OrderDtl instead of OrderHed

The FKV should be related to OrderRel. Use the order/line/release from JobProd.


thank you for taking time out of your day, but im still a bit confused. Is this what you are referring to?

Thanks for the help so far.

That looks right. If you add a date field to job tracker can you bind it to NeedByDate.NeedByDate?

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Worked like a charm, thanks for the help.

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