Adding the release need by date to dashboard

We have a shipping dashboard that was created for us and I want to add the order release need by date but when I add it and test, It uses the first line detail need by date for all releases. What am I missing?


This is likely due to the records in the BAQ. Can you show us the BAQ used to populated this dashboard, along with the change you made to add the rel need by date?

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Sure. Not sure what you need to see but here is the phrase build

and here is the columns selected I added the one circled, thinking that would be the correct one.

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That’s the correct field. You sure your looking at it right?

I’d open up some sales orders and double check.

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I assume that’s the top level query.

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What’s the criteria on the order rel table?

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I apologize. i was looking at the wrong due date. We had the job on there also. I had to scroll over more. Sorry.

I do have another quick question about another BAQ I did one for a list of suppliers and want the primary contact. I can’t find where I add that to the BAQ. I looked under Vendcnt for Primary Contact and there isn’t an option for it.


I think you want the VendorPP table. Look at the VendorPP.PrimPCon. Link that value to the VendCnt.ConNum to pull in those details.


I did this but it still isn’t working see below

I have mark as the primary but it shows 2 contacts. What am i missing?


In order to diagnose any BAQ issue, we really need to see more details. At the very least the SQL query phrase will give us all the details. The best way is to screenshot your BAQ screens for us.

In this case, I suspect the issue is with the joins between the tables.

I tried all the join types and it didn’t change
Here are the screens. Not sure what you all need.


Let me know what else you need.
Thank you so much i appreciate this.

Linking to the VendorPP table is going to reference any/all “Purchase Points”. Not sure if you want this based on Purchase Points or not.

If you’re just looking for the Primary Contact of the main Vendor record… you should be able to use the Vendor.PrimPCon column. This returns an integer.

The Integer is the contact number on the Supplier Record… I think they’re simply assigned an integer in the order you added them to the Supplier Record. So, if you have (4) contacts listed… and the second contact is the primary, the returned integer will be (2).

Now, link the VendCnt table… if you have (2) contacts… you’ll get a result like this:
Chip is the name of contact (1)… Shaun is the name of contact (2)

Then add a criteria to your VendCnt table where
ConNum = VendorPCon table field value

Now your query results will only show the name of the contact who’s contact number = the Vendor’s PrimPCon number.

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If you DO want Purchase Points included… then you can build your query:

Vendor → VendorPP → VendCnt

VendorPP ALSO has a PrimPCon flag… so you would just change the criteria on your VendCnt table and set ConNum = VendorPP.PrimPCon table field value.

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Thank you so much that worked! I appreciate everyone’s help.

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Good call Dave! I thought the purchase points were the base for the primary contacts. Thanks for the clarification!

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I hear ya. We don’t use Purchase Points at all… we set up different Supplier accounts for every location (I know, I know)… but that’s how we had it set up in our legacy system so, in order to port over all of our data when we implemented we decided to just continue the process.

Since don’t use Purchase Points at all, I never really touch the VendorPP table. That’s the only reason it jumped out at me.

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