Adding UD Table to Existing RDD in E10

We just went live on E10 and are trying to modify some of the base Reports to include UD tables.
Example we have a Customer_UD table that hold several fields we want to populate to the ARInvoiceForm.

I added the Customer_UD table to the ARInvoice RDD and tried creating a relationship. When i print preview nothing generates and i get the attached error when i go into system monitor. ARInvoiceRDD Relationship.pdf (30.1 KB)
Available UD Fields.pdf (34.1 KB)
Error When Trying to Print Preview Invoice Via sysmon.pdf (63.5 KB)

It looks like you created the relationship but the field is still excluded. You need to include the field under your tables “exclusions” in the RDD.

Thanks for the response Tyler. Here is the excluded field list for our Customer_UD. End result is i am trying to add ShortChar02 field to our AR invoice ssrs report. I removed the Report Calc field as i am not sure if that is needed. Think i’m missing something simple or completely off base.

Customer_UD Excluded Fields.pdf (33.7 KB)

You probably don’t even need to add Customer_UD - the RDD should already have the UD fields available.

Go to the Customer table, Exclusions tab. Add your UD field as an exclusion, then untick Exclude.