Addition on Date Value, updating field, vb in 8.03

User will use a custom dateTimeEditor to select a date. When updated, I want to take that date, add 2 years, and stick that value in another field on the form. this is what I have, but it wants me to declare edtReviewDate. How do I do this? Any help would be appriciated!

 Private Sub dteReviewedOn_ValueChanged(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Args As System.EventArgs) Handles dteReviewedOn.ValueChanged
  'update the review-by date to ReviewedOn + 24 months
    Dim dtRvw as Date
       dtRvw = DateAdd("yyyy", 2, dteReviewedOn.Value)
       edtReviewDate.Value = dtRvw
 End Sub

Keith Walter
Vantage Coordinator
Norgren Automation Solutions, Saline Division

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