Additional field question

Our Shipping/Receiving department is asking for the payment terms field from the Customer table to be added to Customer Shipment Entry screen so that a BPM warning could be created to alert them if the particular customer’s terms are “Prepaid”.

However, that field doesn’t seem to be available as a binding and I’m spinning my tires thinking of a way to make that work. What is the best way to add an unrelated field like that to a form?

If you want to bring it t the screen you need to use a FKV Foreign Key View (Search the help there’s several instructions on how to do that)

If you just want a warning then dno’t bring it on the screen and do a BPM lookup much easier

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Or you could use customer credit manger and set credit limits on all the prepaid customers to.01. Then you can use the system to stop shipment for all orders on credit hold (Or not paid).

In Company Configuration Under Modules/Sales/Order
Set the Shipment to Stop



Then use the Customer Credit Manager module to release individual orders as needed.


Shipping/Receiving really liked this suggestion so they are going to give it a try.