Adjustment posted vs. Not posted in cycle counting

I have finished my cycle count and posted my counts in the action option in cycle count maintenance. I realize that some of the parts are Adjustment posted and some are not. I was wondering if anyone could tell me why some of the parts are not being posted?

Hi Ashanti,
Do you possibly have a screen shot? Are you getting a specific error?

Its on the right screen

What do you see when you open up Cycle Discrepancy Reason? (Material Management | Inventory Management | General Operations)? Did you assign reasons for counts outside the tolerance?

Mark W.


Ditto to Mark’s comments. Check to see if the items that didn’t post are outside of the parameters set. If they are, this is why they will not post. :slight_smile:

If I go back in and assign a discrepancy reason code, is there something else I must do? The parts still show ‘not evaluated yet’ and will not let me post even though the reason codes have been entered.

Currently experiencing this issue. Everything else has posted except for one part, no matter how many times we run the count variance calculation report, it will not post.

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Found our problem (same as last year), there was an allocation on one of the parts and the Qty Adj was being blocked by the inventory transaction logic.
When you run the Cycle Count Posting process you are prompted to enter a Log (always do this). In 10.2.500 the resulting log file can be found in:
EpicorData/Companie/[YOUR COMPANY ID]/Temp/[POSING USER ID]/
Ours read very clearly ‘There is not enough unallocated inventory in this bin for this transaction.’
So I closed and reopened the Sales Order release that the allocation was against.

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This was our solution as well. After going to fulfillment workbench and unallocating the parts not posting, we were able to post counts and finish our year-end audits.

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Got a very similar problem here and for the life of me I cannot find the count came back as 0, but the QOH for these parts are 1 and 2 respectively.