[Admin] End of Thread - New Member

Lets end the thread on New Member.

To Britt's comment about how we screen potential members: You are right - we
don't do a "background check" on each new member. We do ask them for the
following info:

>> Because this is a moderated list, I need to approve your subscription.
Could you please identify yourself, your company and your industry so that I
can complete the subscription process?

It is then up to the moderator to decide, based on their response, if they
are appropriate for the group. We don't call and check on their
information. Its pretty much gut instinct, and with over 600 members on the
list, I would say that Mike England has done a great job!

This was a new situation and Mike asked the group of moderators for their
feedback before we submitted it to the group at large. This is an active
group and we appreciate your feedback! We've heard you loud and clear!

Steve Sanders
Vantage eGroup Moderator