Adobe Acrobat working on Terminal Services with Van tage

I'm with Edward on this one. Get PDF Factory. I have tried to get Acrobat
working properly on a Terminal Server when I was working at Andersen.
Basically, you have to get a license for the multi-user Distiller
application. It's much easier to get users to click "print" than train them
how to use distiller. If you must use Acrobat, you would do well to setup a
folder that distiller watches. The user then prints to a file and drops the
file into the distiller watched folder. A PDF comes out on the other end.

Really though, just get PDF Factory.


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From: Erica Steffens (IS) [mailto:ESteffens@...]
Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2003 3:57 PM
Subject: [Vantage] Adobe Acrobat working on Terminal Services with Vantage

Has any one been able to use Adobe Acrobat in a terminal session to email
Purchase Orders or Quotes? We haven't been able to get this to work and
haven't received any help from Epicor on this.

Erica A. Steffens

Business Systems Analyst

Synovis IS/PE/Caribe

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