Advanced Bill of Material Import/Export Tool

Has anyone ever used the Advanced Bill of Material Import Tool before and
Actually had Success?

I have a complete indented bill of material in microsoft works 4.5 with
roughly 2,000 lines of data or parts.
I have added several extra columns to setup for the import. (i.e. Material
Sequence, Material Part Number,
Revision Number Revision Description, Backflush, Generate Purchase Order
Suggestions, Part Class, Ium, Pum,

It looks like vantage wants to import the bill of material with a sort by
levels. It starts at Level 1 and grabs all Parent Parts on Level one and
ties them to all od their respective children, and so on down the bom tree.

My current microsoft bill of material is only 7 levels deep, but after this
data was imported into vantage, the level structure increased to almost
1,000. It looks like some of the bill of material structure is solid, but
other areas are not so solid, if you look past the plethora of levels.

I was instructed to run a database conversion program for low levels codes
(number 5,100), which started about say 2:30 pm est on Tuesday, the 19th and
is still currently running at the time of this message.

Thank You

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