Advanced Print Breaking and Routing Email Template Question


I’m setting up an Advanced Print Breaking and Routing Rule to send POs to our Suppliers through either Fax or Email. We have an eFax service account that accepts the following email formats in order to process the Fax request:

eFax does not accept any parenthesis in the email address but we store our Supplier Fax number in Epicor as:
(234) 567-8901

Is there any way to write code within the Breaking and Routing Email Template to convert the Parenthesis to the Dashes? Or is there another way someone would suggest this formatting change be done? Or should we just go through our Suppliers and change the way we store their Fax Numbers?


Also, would there be a way to easily add a logo image to the Email Template?

Thank you for any thoughts anyone can provide on this!

And I know the joke here will be don’t allow communication to Suppliers through Fax! :roll_eyes:

Anytime I have used the efax routine we have cleaned the formatting of the fax number.

Let me know if you find a better way.

I also have not found a way to add a logo within Epicor. Someone suggested appending the outgoing emails with Exchange server rules, haven’t tried this myself. Careful converting text to html.

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Interesting, thank you for the feedback!

I wonder if you could somehow bring the Image table into your RDD and bring the Logo in that way? I’m playing around with that idea now but not having much luck. I’m not finding an actual field where the image is being stored (if that’s even how that works?) so that I can display that field and therefore the Logo in my Email Template. Plus what if there are multiple images out there? How do you be sure to only grab the one you want? :thinking:

That is something I might look into is appending the outgoing emails with Exchange Server Rules. I think we are doing that now for some of our emails so might be the way to go for now. Thank you!

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Make a UD field in the table(s) where the fax# is stored, and have a Data Directive copy the fax# from the original field to the UD field - stripping the “(” and “)” out.
Probably want to remove “.” as well (seems that using a dot to separate the area code, exchange, and extension were popular for a while).

Then use the UD field as the Fax# in the Break/Routing.

One potential problem I see, is that the fax# might be dynamically determinedduring the printing process. (if there’s a contact person, use their number, if not fall back to the company number, etc…)

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I’ve been experimenting for a while for the way to make a printed report be an attachment to an HTML based email - with no luck.

Seems your options are:

  1. Use the email block in the break/routing designer, to attach the SSRS report as an attachment to a text based email
  2. Use the Exec Custom Code to build an HTML based email with no attachment.

I did #2 for shipping notices. The custom code builds a table the resembles a packer for the shipment. It is then followed by two other tables. One for previous shipments of this order, and another for remaining open lines. A simple HTML body with SSRS reports attached would have been so much simpler. Maybe in E11:grinning:

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