Advanced Print Routing - Adding more than one filter value


Is there a way to add more than one filter to an email template with Advanced Print Routing?

I have created a BAQ Report with a specific Report Style designed on that. One of the fields in our BAQ Report is the VendorCnt_RoleCode. I need my print routing email to send to contacts who are identified with 2 different role codes.

@Aaron_Moreng would you have any ideas? Apologies if i have incorrectly tagged you. I was reading previous threads where you seemed to be very knowledgeable :slight_smile:

Not sure you could get a second filter from that screen. Could you perhaps pull both emails into the Result dataset via subqueries and use those fields instead? Allowing you to use BAQ functionality to single out by role codes instead of APR

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Also side note,

I would refrain from @'ing people unless a comment is directed at someone in the current thread. We all help out when we can.

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Sure thing Chance. I had only tagged someone based on their earlier replies to the thread. Certainly wasnt to rule out others from assisting :slight_smile:

Good thinking. I could actually stick a table criteria on the BAQ to show only Role Group X and Role Group Y?

Just getting caught up, but it sounds like you’re trying to send the email to the contact if their role code is within 1 of 2 different role codes?
I’d probably try putting in a calculated field in my BAQ that was a “SendEmail” boolean value, and I would set it true if the role code of the contact was in an array of values you define.
Then in your report style you’d send the the email only if the SendEmail calc field is true.
I’d definitely avoid putting too much business logic in the APR style if you can avoid it and move it to the BAQ instead . Keep in mind this BAQ results set would then potentially include records where SendEmail is false, so it just depends on the requirement.

Filtering your results upstream to only include only results you want to consume like Chance suggested would also work and might be the easier option, assuming this BAQ does not need to return any other results.

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Sometimes the simplest of solutions are the ones overlooked. That would work too. Thank you Aaron

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