Advanced Quality - Key Values Issue

Does AQ limited you to one inspection per operation for a part?

We have a requirement to have multiple inspections for a single part that we attached to a single ‘QC’ operation. This appears to then insert rows into InspResultsNum etc with no key as to which inspection they were for. We can have quite a few inspections for a part.


Are you using Inspection Plans? I know you can have multiple Inspection Plans on an operation or part, I have just never tried to see if there is a limit. So, until proven otherwise, I would say you can have an unlimited amount.


We have up to 40 inspection plans on the manufactured parts, the issue is not on adding them, the issue is that in the table that stores the results (num, checkbox, char etc) there is only company, part, assembly and operation keys, no indication of which of the plans the results refers to.

This means there are more than one results number row for the operation with no plan identifier. We need all of the inspections in one operation to control the flow to the next part of manufacturing. We also plan having the generation of a certificate of analysis from these results when this QC operation completes.

I am looking at possible method directives in InspectionResults to see if I can populate a UD column when a new inspection result number etc is added.

Thanks for the reply

Either Epicor should not allow multiple inspections on a single operation or it should record which inspection the results are for.

It allows the first and does not record the second.

Oh, you need to tie it back to the InspResults table which holds the Inspection Plan and Specification.

Indeed, but there is no plan/spec id in the InspResultsNum table, just Job/Assembly/Operation

I am investigating a method directive on the Erp.InspResults.GetNewInspectionResultsNum to see if I can detect the addition of a new number results and set a UD field to be the Plan/Spec identifier.

Will be able to do the join back to results if I have this added.

Thanks again

Never noticed that. Have you tried to crack the Inspection Data Tracker. Maybe there is something in there that can help.


Have now looked at the Inspection Data Tracker and the only way I can see of it differentiating the results tables is using Company, Key1-5, Sample Number, Inspection Date, Inspection Time. I have a BAQ that does this and it does provide the same results. You should never get two inspection results for the same job and sample entered at the same time.

Thanks for the help, looks like we have a way of getting at the correct results.