AFR related upgrade Error

We are upgrading from 10.0.700 to 10.2.200 and are following the upgrade guide. We did do the steps on our AFR server that are outlined in the guide, like unsubscribing our tasks on the replication tasks sheet. But when we started the upgrade process for the database we are getting a bunch of errors that seem to be related to AFR and replication. I have attached the log from the upgrade in hopes someone can point us in the direction we need.

Thank you.

AFR_Upgrade_ErrorLog.txt (11.0 KB)

Anyone have any ideas?

I figured this out and wanted to post the solution for others. You have to login to SSMS, and navigate to the ‘Replication’ folder then look for anything under the ‘Local Publications’ sub-folder and the ‘Local Subscriptions’ sub-folder. If you see anything under any one of these sub-folders, delete them out. This will then enable the database upgrade to proceed. I have attached a screenshot showing the area I’m talking about.