After importing customization, EpiUltraComboBox missing Properties

Not sure why after I exported my completed customization of Part Entry that works correctly in Pilot and imported to Live. The EpiUltraCombobox does not show any of the drop down values I created on the Simple Search adapter. It is missing Ice.BO.UD03ListDataSet from List items. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get back these properties back. Should I re import anything? I checked and all the assembly references did make it over in the code.


Not sure what caused it, but if you want a combo box of items from UD03, use an EpiCombo instead. The features are more robust and much less code and overhead.

Thanks, But I figured it out, that environment did not have the UD03 table populated. Initially, I thought there was problem with not having it PartForm_load. Thanks again