After Processing Job Receipt To Inventory Inventory Has Not Increased

Issue :-

After Processing Job receipt to inventory, Inventory is not increased.

Check Points :-
a) Check Part Maintenances whether Qty Bearing check box is enabled or not
b) Check Part Maintenance whether Qty Bearing check box is enable or not at all site level

Is this on just 1 specific Job or any job ?


Is Job Made to Stock ?

This is for manufacturing type job …
Yes …All manufacturing type job , you can use this solution and can check .

Answer :-
Yes , Demand link would be “Make to Stock”…

If demand is made to order and in your business process, you are receiving material into inventory after job complete, then also you can check this given above solution. It will work.

Hi Dalal,

I am out of ideas to check, sorry.


Answer: -

Go to Material Management >> Inventory Management >> Set Up >> Part >> Open Part Master >> Part Detail Tab there is one check box (Qty Bearing) >> Check whether that is ticked or not >> Part Master Site tab >> Qty bearing check box should be ticked.

Solution is applicable for both the demand links, make to stock and make to order if produced material is coming to inventory (Job receipt to Inventory) and then after it will be processed for customer shipment.

Thank you !

Abdulsamad Dalal