Aged AP Trial Balance (Crystal v7 vs. v8)

>>>A believe a better solution is to upgrade to version 8, which we are planning
to do. I hope I didn't screw anyone up by you using this report. I also
deleted it from the eGroups list until something more reliable comes up.<<<


As you discovered, Running Totals can indeed be "interesting" in Crystal v7.
But be careful when you upgrade to version 8. I had written several fairly
complex reports that contained subreports. Once I converted, I could not get
any of these reports to run! I probably wasted a week trying to get these to
work. Rather than rewrite them from scratch I ended up uninstalling v8 and
reinstalling version 7. One of the main reasons that I upgraded to v8 was the
claim that the report engine was "10 times faster than v7". I was able to get
some of my simpler reports to run but didn't notice any significant speed

Also, if you are used to compiling your reports, this feature goes away in v8.
After many customers complained they did make this feature available as a
download from the Seagate web site but they claim that this feature is "full of
errors" and made available as is. However, I never had any problems with the

And one last "peeve" with v8, text/field alignment. This version of the Report
Designer was supposed to make this easier...but I thought it was more difficult.
Anyway, just wanted to give you some advance warning (wish I would have had

You might want to consider the Seagate v8 upgrade class. I wanted to attend but
my local Seagate Training center wasn't offering the class due to lack of
interest and I didn't want to fly to the East Coast for a one day class.

Good Luck!

Mike Lowe
Corporate I.S. Manager
Connor Manufacturing Services
(909) 273-1282