Aged AP Trial Balance

Warning. If you downloaded my Aged AP Trial Balance.rpt file from EGroups files, your data may not be accurate. I discovered a bug in Crystal 7 (MR 1), which creates innaccurate Running Totals. Oddly, if you show (by opening up the border lines) the details section of this report (which doesn't even have any fields in this report), the Grand Total becomes correct. Otherwise, it is missing records.

Crystal's fix is to covert all of the Automatic Running totals to Manual running totals. (this takes 4 extra formulas for each running total). I ended up just opening the details section just a crack, and it works. Go figure!

A believe a better solution is to upgrade to version 8, which we are planning to do. I hope I didn't screw anyone up by you using this report. I also deleted it from the eGroups list until something more reliable comes up.

Troy Funte
Liberty Electronics, Inc.

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